The 2016 Season is half over

With August officially here, the 2016 tournament season is officially half over and its certainly been a competitive season thus far. With only 4 tournaments remaining including the club fish off. Nobody is running away with the Angler of the Year crown. Even though Ernie Shuler managed to pad is lead at White Oak Creek. There is still less than 10 lbs separating 1st to 5th. With Brookville Lake approaching, we could see a some big changes or another tough tournament with the Summer heat setting in and Brookville’s 14 inch size limit. Only time will tell….

1 – Ernie Shuler – 16.32
2 – Tyler Spurlock – 11.24
3 – Andy Tobe – 9.22
4 – Danny Schmitz – 8.22
5 – Tony Vieson – 7.04

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