Tony Vieson Wins The 2016 Fish Off!!!

The 2016 season is almost over, which means it’s time for the Butler County Bassmasters Fish Off. One of the most competitive tournaments of the season and this year’s fish off was no exception. On day 1 Tyler Spurlock ate away a little of Ernie Shulers lead toward the Angler of the year bringing in a 2.21 lb bass. Bobby Farmer made his best showing of the season with 2 bass weighing in at 6.35 lbs. Danny Schmitz brought in 3 bass for a total of 6.88 lbs, and Tony Vieson would win the day with 2 bass totaling 7.31 lbs and would take the Big Bass win for the day with his monster 5.40 lb bass. Besting his previous Big Bass of the year, personal best, and best weigh-in since joining the Butler County Bassmasters. In what was called a gutsy move by the club, Tony Vieson let his Big Bass roll through to the next day.

Day 2 made for a tough day of fishing for all the Butler County Bassmasters. Many returned to the ramp early. Many of the Anglers had fish, but none big enough to weigh in. At the end of day 2, none of the Anglers who captured bass on day one had any fish for day 2. Which left the top 3 on pins and needles and Ernie Shuler, Toney Barker, and guest angler B.J. brought fish to the scales. Toney Barker would weigh in first with his 1.88 lb bass. B.J. would weigh in next with a fantastic 3.53 lb bass. Leaving all eyes on Ernie Shuler. Who weighed in 2 bass at 2.81 lbs. With all fish officially weighed in, the top 3 from day 1 would hold onto the spots. With Bobby Farmer finishing 3rd, Danny Schmitz fishing 2nd, and Tony Vieson who finished 3rd last year would take home his first fish off win with 7.31 lbs and his gamble on his big bass on day 1 paid off and gave him the Big Bass for the tournament of 5.40 lbs.

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