Onward to Guist Creek!!!

And so it begins, the 2017 fishing season is officially under way. During last nights meeting we set the field for the first club tournament of the season. We have several new candidates looking to join the Butler County Bassmasters, and Bobby Farmer served up some fantastically fun fish stories from his family and youth. Last but certainly not least, we were even greeted by our friends at the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch. This year looks to be filled with great fun and competition.

Guist Creek pairings are as follows
Rick H (Guest Boater) – Danny Schmitz
Tony Vieson (Boater) – Dylan (Guest)
Andy Tobey (Boater) – Scott (Guest)
Tyler Spurlock (Boater) – Justin (Guest)
Bob Farmer (Boater) – Ryan Murphy
Ernie Shuler (Boater)
Tony Barker (Boater)

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