Ernie Shuler Captures Guist Creek

The first tournament is officially in the books and Guist Creek certainly wasn’t making it easy on the club this year. With a consistent rain for most of the day, fishing was long and unseasonably tough despite the warm weather and water. Water temperatures in the high 50’s and low 60s in some areas. Many described the bite as being weird. Often feeling like you were hung up versus hooking a fish, but despite rough fishing, the club still managed to capture 14 fish totaling 25.5 lbs. In the early weigh in, it looked like 2 lbs was going to be the size to beat until Toney Barker came to the scales with a 3.24 lb bass. Unfortunately, it was not to be as Ernie Shuler brought in a nice 4.94 lb bass to take big bass and the win the tournament with 5 fish totaling 12.22 lbs giving Ernie Schuler a very comfortable lead to start the season. Danny Schmitz finished second with his 5 fishing weighing in at 5.98, Toney Barker would close our the top 3 with his 3.24 lb bass.

The weather is certainly going to present some unique challenges this year. East Fork is the next lake on the schedule, but with heavy rains and flooding, it possible the club could be forced to a backup lake. Only time will tell.

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