Rick Hensler Grabs His First Club Win!!

Lake Loramie was a scorcher, baking the club in there attempts to find fish in the very muddy waters. 1 angler even departed early as with already not feeling well. The baking sun proved to be to much. Despite the muddy waters and high temperatures. Several club members had good days, but despite the good days of some, Rick Hensler had the best day capturing a 5 fish limit of 6.27 lbs and taking home his first club victory. Bobby Farmer would take the big bass win with his 2.04 lbs bass. Toney Barker would take 3rd with 2.65 lbs

The season is officially half over and Lake Loramie shook up the club standings quite a bit.

Ernie Shuler lost a little ground but still holds 1st with 23.37 lbs
Bobby Farmer jumps from 4th to 2nd with 14.28 lbs
Danny Schmitz Sr. holds onto 3rd with 13.59 lbs
Dylan House drops to 4th with 12.77 lbs
Rick Hensler climbs out of 8th into the top 5 with 9.32 lbs

The club will head back to the river at Tanners Creek. Will this be the tournament to really gain ground on Ernie Shuler? After great season last year, will this be the tournament that Tyler Spurlock and Tony Vieson need to turn there season around? Or will Rich Hensler make another impressive showing and take a run at the top 3. Only time will tell.




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