The 2017 Season has come to a close…

It has been a busy couple of months and it seems like just yesterday we were at Rocky Fork. But a lot has happened in the past 2 months. For starters, lets head to Lake Monroe for the clubs annual fish off. On day 1, Dan Schmitz dethroned Ernie Shuler as the seasons Big Bass holder, who has held the big bass title since the first tournament of the season. Unfortunately day 2 would not be as enjoyable. As only 2 anglers brought fish to the scales. But that wouldn’t hinder Dan Schmitz Jr’s lead as he would not only capture Big Bass for day 1, but the Fish Off Tournament victory as well. Unfortunately, Dan’s over confidence got the better of him as he didn’t let his fish ride allowing Tyler Spurlock to take the Big Bass title on day 2.

From there we headed to Brookville Lake, with mirror ounces separating 2nd through 5th in the standing and Ernie Shuler with a comfortable 9 lb lead, Brookeville was set to be the lake that decided it all. With high winds, mother nature certainly didn’t make it easy on the club, but despite the conditions, 2 anglers had an amazing day. Ernie Schuler had his best tournament yet as he captured a monstrous 13.86 lbs. and captured the tournament Big Bass of 4.94 lbs. Leaving him just shy of recapturing Big Bass for the season. Danny Schmitz Jr. however wouldn’t be out done. Despite not being a tournament fish, the biggest fish of the day would be is 17+ lbs Stripper.

With all the tournaments completed, Ernie Shuler for the second season the a row captures Angler of the Year and Dan Schmitz Jr. holds onto Big Bass

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