Onward to Guist Creek!!!

And so it begins, the 2017 fishing season is officially under way. During last nights meeting we set the field for the first club tournament of the season. We have several new candidates looking to join the Butler County Bassmasters, and Bobby Farmer served up some fantastically fun fish stories from his family and youth. Last but certainly not least, we were even greeted by our friends at the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch. This year looks to be filled with great fun and competition.

Guist Creek pairings are as follows
Rick H (Guest Boater) – Danny Schmitz
Tony Vieson (Boater) – Dylan (Guest)
Andy Tobey (Boater) – Scott (Guest)
Tyler Spurlock (Boater) – Justin (Guest)
Bob Farmer (Boater) – Ryan Murphy
Ernie Shuler (Boater)
Tony Barker (Boater)

The 2017 Tournament Schedule is Set!!!

The complete 2017 schedule for the Butler County Bassmasters season is up and ready. As a new feature on the website this year. We have added a direct link to each lake in our schedule to the Navionics Webapp. Allowing all members and even site visitors a quick link to looking up information on any of our upcoming lakes or rivers we will be fishing later this year.

Our next meeting will be March 7th at 7PM were we will be making our first official pairings of the season. With the unseasonably warm weather. I image were not the only ones feeling the call to break out the boats and start fishing.

If you have been checking us out and have been interested in joining our club. Drop us a line and receive and invite to our next meeting on March 7th. Anybody age 16 and up will be reviewed for consideration to join the club and with the season just getting started. There is no better time to be considered.

The club is honored for its 2016 achievements

The Butler County Bassmasters isn’t just about fishing. We are also about youth and community, and it seems the Ohio Bass Federation would agree. As the club took home first place for Youth and Public relations for our work with the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch MRDD and Youth Fishing Derbies. Last year was our clubs 25th Anniversary and we can’t express enough the joy we get from helping the MRDD and Youth of Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch. We are truly glad to be a part of both the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch and the Ohio Bass Federation.

Tyler Spurlock hooks the win at Rocky Fork

Mother nature just wasn’t playing nice with the Butler County Bassmasters on Saturday. With a cold front settled in, a starting temperature of just 34 degrees, and a heavy fog making lake navigation difficult in the early morning hours. Catching fish was all but a dismal dream. As only 2 anglers found fish on Saturday. Tyler Spurlock and Bobby Farmer managed to outwit mother nature capturing the only 2 fish of the tournament. With Tyler Spurlock landing the larger of the 2 fish at 2.59 lbs, Tyler finishes the season as he began the season with the tournament and big bass win.



One Tournament Remains in the 2016 Season

November is here and the 2016 season is nearing its end. With only 1 tournament remaining, Angler of the Year is all but in the bag for veteran angler Ernie Shuler who currently holds the lead at 34.33 lbs for the season. However there has been some big shake ups from 2nd to 6th. Tyler Spurlock’s one fish managed to keep him in second. Danny Schmitz moves to 3rd and Tony Vieson moves to 4th with Andy Tobe falling to 5th. Bobby Farmer climbs to 6th after a great showing in the Fish Off. With only one tournament remaining, just a little more than 3 lbs separate 2nd through 5th. There is still one more chance to take away the Big Bass title for the year currently held by Tony Vieson as the fight moves onto Rocky Fork this weekend to make the final decision on who will represent the club in the 2017 Regionals.

Angler of the Year Standings
1st Ernie Shuler – 34.33 lbs
2nd Tyler Spurlock – 18.64 lbs
3rd Danny Schmitz – 18.03 lbs
4th Tony Vieson – 17.01 lbs
5th Andy Tobe – 15.39 lbs

Big Bass

Tony Vieson – 5.40 lbs

Tony Vieson Wins The 2016 Fish Off!!!

The 2016 season is almost over, which means it’s time for the Butler County Bassmasters Fish Off. One of the most competitive tournaments of the season and this year’s fish off was no exception. On day 1 Tyler Spurlock ate away a little of Ernie Shulers lead toward the Angler of the year bringing in a 2.21 lb bass. Bobby Farmer made his best showing of the season with 2 bass weighing in at 6.35 lbs. Danny Schmitz brought in 3 bass for a total of 6.88 lbs, and Tony Vieson would win the day with 2 bass totaling 7.31 lbs and would take the Big Bass win for the day with his monster 5.40 lb bass. Besting his previous Big Bass of the year, personal best, and best weigh-in since joining the Butler County Bassmasters. In what was called a gutsy move by the club, Tony Vieson let his Big Bass roll through to the next day.

Day 2 made for a tough day of fishing for all the Butler County Bassmasters. Many returned to the ramp early. Many of the Anglers had fish, but none big enough to weigh in. At the end of day 2, none of the Anglers who captured bass on day one had any fish for day 2. Which left the top 3 on pins and needles and Ernie Shuler, Toney Barker, and guest angler B.J. brought fish to the scales. Toney Barker would weigh in first with his 1.88 lb bass. B.J. would weigh in next with a fantastic 3.53 lb bass. Leaving all eyes on Ernie Shuler. Who weighed in 2 bass at 2.81 lbs. With all fish officially weighed in, the top 3 from day 1 would hold onto the spots. With Bobby Farmer finishing 3rd, Danny Schmitz fishing 2nd, and Tony Vieson who finished 3rd last year would take home his first fish off win with 7.31 lbs and his gamble on his big bass on day 1 paid off and gave him the Big Bass for the tournament of 5.40 lbs.

img_4391 img_4393 img_4395 img_4397 img_4400 img_4401

Ernie Shuler makes it 3 in a row

Thanks to a cold front provided by mother nature, the Butler County Bassmasters had great weather for fishing this past Sunday. This would be the only highlight, as fishing was difficult throughout the day. But despite tough fishing Bobby Farmer brushed the monkey off his back and brought his first fish to the scales since Guist Creek early in the season. Despite a great effort from Bob Farmer capturing 2.74 lbs, Ernie Shuler would grab his 3rd straight victory with 6.36 lbs. Ernie once again grabbed the big bass with a 2.84 lbs bass. A great Bass for Caesars Creek.

Ernie Shuler Grabs His 3rd Victory of The Season!!!

Mother nature decided to give the Butler County Bassmasters a thorough shower at Brookville. Raining for 6 of the 8 hours of fishing. But even the rain couldn’t dampen the competitive motivation of the club, as 15 fish totaling 25.08 Ibs were caught and released, making Brookville the most productive tournament this season. In fact, every angler captured a fish including our guest angler Ryan Murphy who captured his first Small Mouth bass. It is likely that even Bobby Farmers day would have ended well had he not ran into boat troubles early in the day.

When the scales opened Tyler Spurlock took an early lead with his 3 fish, totaling 5.19 lbs, only to be bumped to 2nd by a couple ounces by Andy Tobe with 5.23 lbs, but Andy would be left in the dust as Ernie Shuler’s 5 fish limit totaling 8.84 lbs took not only the tournament win, but the Big Bass win as well with his 2.76 lbs Large Mouth Bass.

With 3 tournaments remaining, Ernie Shuler takes the bait and runs from Tyler Spurlock, Andy Tobe reels in a little slack toward 2nd, Danny Schmitz lets a little drag out on 3rd.

1 – Ernie Shuler – 25.16
2 – Tyler Spurlock – 16.43
3 – Andy Tobe – 14.45
4 – Danny Schmitz Sr. – 9.33
5 – Tony Vieson – 8.91


The 2016 Season is half over

With August officially here, the 2016 tournament season is officially half over and its certainly been a competitive season thus far. With only 4 tournaments remaining including the club fish off. Nobody is running away with the Angler of the Year crown. Even though Ernie Shuler managed to pad is lead at White Oak Creek. There is still less than 10 lbs separating 1st to 5th. With Brookville Lake approaching, we could see a some big changes or another tough tournament with the Summer heat setting in and Brookville’s 14 inch size limit. Only time will tell….

1 – Ernie Shuler – 16.32
2 – Tyler Spurlock – 11.24
3 – Andy Tobe – 9.22
4 – Danny Schmitz – 8.22
5 – Tony Vieson – 7.04