Tanners Creek goes to Tony Vieson

Tanners creek and the Ohio river played host to the Butler County Bassmasters this past Sunday. Even though it was hot, mother nature decided to play nice with partly cloudy skies and a gentle breeze through out the day. Fishing was good throughout the day, but didn’t offer up a tone of keepers. But that didn’t stop club veteran Danny Schmitz from bringing 4 fish to the scales and did stop Jim Couch despite boat trouble from capturing 4 fish as well. Even newest club member Tyler Spurlock brought 3 to the scales. Despite a good quantity of fish, the tournament was decide by 1 fish. Tony Vieson captures his first club victory with his personal best large mouth bass weighing 4.68 lbs.

With Tanners in the review mirror, Ernie Shuler holds onto 1st, Tyler Spurlock moves to 2nd, Danny Schmitz climbs to 3rd, Andy Tobe despite being unable to fish holds onto 4th, and Tony Vieson inches back into the top 5 and takes over first place for Big Bass for the season. After 5 tournaments to standings are as follows.

1 – Ernie Shuler – 13.26
2 – Tyler Spurlock – 11.24
3 – Danny Schmitz – 8.22
4 – Andy Tobe – 7.91
5 – Tony Vieson 7.04


Bringing Smiles to Kids Faces

June is the month for kids when it comes to fishing for the Butler County Bassmasters. We had a great time helping out the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch and enjoyed the smiles from all the kids who participated. If I had to pick one moment to highlight the entire event it would be the fight put on by little Hannah Handcock. Almost the entire pond fell into silence as many witnessed little Hannah real in a monster cat fish. Same said they could see her little feet slipping in the grass trying to hold her footing. One of our Anglers practically fell in trying to net the fish. Then the congratulatory sound of on lookers clapping at little Hannah’s triumphed. A cat fish that was a long as she was tall. If you like the picture below, we have more to see. Check out a pictures section for more photos for the DD and Youth Fishing Derbys.



A weekend of Fishing, is there anything better?

This weekend was a busy one. On Saturday I saw some great fish come out of Lake Lorelei, caught by those talented youngsters at Cincinnati Youth Bass. Then it was onto a sleepless night and early Sunday morning starting at 2:30am to get to Grand Lake St. Marys. With a nasty algae bloom and some tough fishing. Makes you wonder how much of a St. Mary was.

If you asked Ernie Shuler or Tony Vieson, they swear they’d had the tournament won if we were fishing for Carp or Cat fish. But it was Andy Tobe who finally made it to the lake this year who has the last laugh with a 5 fish limit weighing a total of 7.91 lbs. Ronnie Crabtree grabbed second with his Big Bass of 3.05 lbs, and the only other angler Mary seemed to give it up to was Tyler Spurlock finishing 3rd with his 2.55 lb bass.

As we approach mid season, Ernie Shuler despite a fish less tournament still holds onto first, Andy Tobe with his first tournament of the season jumps to 2nd and knocks Tyler Spurlock to third. Ronnie Crabtree moves to 4th, and with a fish less weekend for the rest of the club, Danny Schmitz manages to stay in the top 5. There is still plenty of fishing to come as the Butler County Bassmasters heads to the river for the next 2 tournaments. First at Tanners Creek and followed by White Oak Creek.


Ernie Shuler takes the win at ROCKY FORK!!!

It’s hard to believe that a tournament in April would start at 28 degrees, but that’s the beauty of southern Ohio weather, and yes I’m be sarcastic about the beauty part. With water temperatures down to 38 degrees in some areas. Rocky Fork was certainly stingy on the fish, but Ernie Shuler found his focus, or wasn’t distracted by his forgotten bologna sandwich and managed to land 4 fish with a total of 7.49 lbs. Ernie also landed the largest Bass of the day at 2.91 lbs.

After the second tournament of the season, Ernie Shuler jumps to first in the Angler of the Year standings. Tony Vieson with his 2.36 lbs BASS edges Bob Farmer out of the top 5. Tyler Spurlock still holds onto the Big Bass of the year. With still plenty of fishing to come. The 2016 seasons standings are

1. Ernie Shuler – 12.18
2. Tyler Spurlock – 5.25
3. Danny Schmitz – 4.00
4. Ronnie Crabtree – 2.56
5. Tony Vieson – 2.36

The next tournament is Grand Lake St. Marys



Rocky Fork Lake here we come!!!

Another club meeting is in the bag, funds and paper work have been collected for the upcoming Regionals at East Fork, and we’ve got our pairings for our next tournament at Rocky Fork Lake.
Meet time will be 7:00am at the North Shore Ramp with blast off around 8:00am. The Saturday low is expected to be 22 Degrees!!! So dress warm anglers
Boat 1 – Boater Gregg Ginneberge with Danny Schmitz
Boat 2 – Boater Bob Farmer with Toney Barker
Boat 3 – Boater Tony Vieson with Ronnie Crabtree
Boat 4 – Boater Ande Tobe
Boat 5 – Boater Ernie Shuler
Non-boaters please remember to call your boater by Wednesday evening.
We look forward to seeing all our participants there, good luck to all competitors and remember to be safe while on the water.

Guist Creek goes to Tyler Spurlock

This first tournament of the seasons is in the books and the fight to become angler of the year is under way. It was very obvious from the start that fishing season is here and in full swing as Guist Creek Lake was the host of not 1 or 2 club tournaments, but 4 club tournaments. Even with an early morning temperature of 28 degrees, enthusiastic anglers create a proverbial traffic jam of boats looking to get on the water and start their season off on the right foot.

With the temperatures approached the low 70s, anglers began to return to the ramp both pleased and exhausted. From the start Ernie Shuler appeared to be the angler to beat, bringing in 4 fish totaling 4.69 lbs, but sometimes it just comes down to size versus the amount. Tyler Spurlock weighed in 2 fish totaling 5.25 lbs with a single fishing weighing 3.73 lbs!!

Even though the Big Bass winner went to Tyler Spurlock, it wasn’t the largest fish of the day. Guest angler Brian Jodrey aka BJ brought in the largest fish just shy of 4 lbs weighing in at 3.98 lbs.


1.  Tyler Spurlock – 5.25 lbs
2.  Ernie Shuler – 4.69 lbs
3.  Danny Schmitz Sr. – 4.00 lbs

BIG BASS – Tyler Spurlock – 3.73 lbs


The Guist Creek Tournament is on the Horizon

The pairings for Guist Creek Lake are set.

Boat 1 – Boater Toney Barker with Tyler Spurlock
Boat 2 – Boater Ernie Shuler with Ron Crabtree
Boat 3 – Boater Bob Farmer with Danny Schmitz
Boat 4 – Boater Tony Vieson

The ramp arrival time is set for 6:30am with a tentative blast off time of 7:30am.

Non-boaters please remember to get in touch with your boater no later than the Thursday evening the week of the tournament.

To all competitors, if you haven’t gotten your Kentucky fishing licenses please remember to do so before the tournament.

Finally for the boaters, please remember there is a $5.00 ramp fee to launch your boat at Guist Creek.

We look forward to seeing all our participants there, good luck to all competitors and remember to be safe while on the water.

2016 Fishing Season Drawling Near!!!

With our most recent club meeting coming to a close, were now one step closer to the 2016 fishing season. Unfortunately, as we head into the new season we will be doing so with one less member.

Kern McKee has been a fun, hardworking, and competitive member of the club and we wish him and his family the best. We look forward to the opportunity to fish with Kern again in the future and the club will always have a spot open for him.

Now for our 2016 Season Tournament Schedule

Guist Creek Lake – March 26th
Rocky Fork Lake – April 10th
Grand Lake St. Marys – May 22nd
Tanners Creek – June 19th
White Oak Creek – July 17th
Brookville Lake – August 14th
Caesars Creek Lake – September 11th
Lake Monroe (FISH OFF) – October 22nd and 23rd
Rocky Fork Lake – November 5th

The lakes and rivers have been picked and the dates have been set. Will look forward to seeing everybody at the next meeting. Boaters, don’t forget to bring a copy of your boat insurance.

2015 Season Wrap Up

The 2015 Fishing season has come to an end for the Butler County Bassmasters. Which leads us to our 2015 Angler of the Year and Big BASS! winner.

Butler County Bassmasters 2015 Angler of the Year
Danny Schmitz
Total Season Weight: 35.06 lbs

Butler County Bassmasters BIG BASS
Ron Crabtree
BASS Weight: 3.68 lbs

Our winners for the 2015 Butler County Bassmasters 2 day fish off at Lake Monroe in Indiana are

  • 1st Place with a total weight of 7.48 lbs – Greg Ginneberge
  • 2nd Place with a total weight of 5.96 lbs – Ernie Shuler
  • 3rd Place with a total weight of 3.52 lbs – Tony Vieson
  • BIG BASS weight 2.66 lbs – Ernie Shuler