Ernie Shuler takes the win at ROCKY FORK!!!

It’s hard to believe that a tournament in April would start at 28 degrees, but that’s the beauty of southern Ohio weather, and yes I’m be sarcastic about the beauty part. With water temperatures down to 38 degrees in some areas. Rocky Fork was certainly stingy on the fish, but Ernie Shuler found his focus, or wasn’t distracted by his forgotten bologna sandwich and managed to land 4 fish with a total of 7.49 lbs. Ernie also landed the largest Bass of the day at 2.91 lbs.

After the second tournament of the season, Ernie Shuler jumps to first in the Angler of the Year standings. Tony Vieson with his 2.36 lbs BASS edges Bob Farmer out of the top 5. Tyler Spurlock still holds onto the Big Bass of the year. With still plenty of fishing to come. The 2016 seasons standings are

1. Ernie Shuler – 12.18
2. Tyler Spurlock – 5.25
3. Danny Schmitz – 4.00
4. Ronnie Crabtree – 2.56
5. Tony Vieson – 2.36

The next tournament is Grand Lake St. Marys



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