Bringing Smiles to Kids Faces

June is the month for kids when it comes to fishing for the Butler County Bassmasters. We had a great time helping out the Hamilton Optimist Youth Ranch and enjoyed the smiles from all the kids who participated. If I had to pick one moment to highlight the entire event it would be the fight put on by little Hannah Handcock. Almost the entire pond fell into silence as many witnessed little Hannah real in a monster cat fish. Same said they could see her little feet slipping in the grass trying to hold her footing. One of our Anglers practically fell in trying to net the fish. Then the congratulatory sound of on lookers clapping at little Hannah’s triumphed. A cat fish that was a long as she was tall. If you like the picture below, we have more to see. Check out a pictures section for more photos for the DD and Youth Fishing Derbys.


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