Rick Hensler makes it 3 in a row

Rick Hensler takes the win at Rocky Fork and makes ground on Ernie Shuler. With only 2 tournaments left in the season. The season equalizer is upon us with the clubs yearly fish off approaching. With only 10 lbs separating 1st and 2nd, this years Fish Off could be the tournament that either locks it up for Ernie Shuler, or allows Rick Hensler or Bobby Farmer to snatch Angler of the year right from under Ernie Shuler’s nose. Bobby Farmer will have the advantage with the most lake experience, Ernie Schuler blanked on day 1 last year but was on the fish by day 2, and this will be the first trip for Rich Hensler to this lake, but beginners luck maybe on his side. As the last 3 tournaments have been new waters for Rick and he has managed to capture the win at all 3. This years angler of the year may come down to wire.


1st – Ernie Shuler – 31.02 lbs
2nd – Rick Hensler – 21.08 lbs
3rd – Bobby Farmer – 17.43 lbs
4th – Danny Schmitz Sr. – 14.44 lbs
5th – Dylan House – 12.77 lbs

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